Science for Artists

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This is a blog about science for artists. There is a magical junction between science and art and the authors, collectors, musers of this blog are determined to uncover it for the world to appreciate, though the collection will never be complete.

Mission Statement

“How can artists better understand their role in the psychological and cognitive experience of everyday people? If we are only beginning to understand the human mind, doesn’t it follow that artists, who have so much insight into the human mind, should be a part of that discussion? Wouldn’t artists have a lot to say to scientists of the brain and philosophers of the mind?” from this article: We have scientists on the arts, but where are the artists on science?

I want to answer this question by firmly saying that all scientists can wave a  paper in front of their colleagues, recite the scientific method, or conduct serious testing, but artists are all different in their delving methods. Or divining methods. Pretty much all the ways that artists do things are unique enough that one might consider them not to be a trait of artists at all. Many artists would shrug at the label of artists, while some people who never thought of themselves as such would find great comfort in knowing that their eccentricities were somehow validated by this term. Some artists particularly stake out what is art and what is not, while others are too permissive and save drawn-on placemats from their evening at Shari’s diner. This is a reversible issue that I would like to remain open for discussion. Science for artists and art for scientists, the curators of this blog would like to say that science is beautiful and art is calculating, that science is awe-inspiring, and art is everywhere.


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  1. Are writers considered ‘artists’ in this formulation?

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