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Artscience: Creativity in the Post-Google Generation

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Artscience: Creativity in the Post-Google Generation By Edwards, David A. (Book – 2008)

Summary: This is a captivating book really making the case for the necessary art and science connection. Artists like Diana Dabby (who used chaos theory to create piano variations) and Julio Ottima who used painting to tap into li        quid diffusion properties are the leaders in creativity in their respective fields, using all their resources to achieve breakthroughs in thinking. Other artscientists mentioned and worth looking into: Theda Radtke, Benoit Mandelbrot and Buckminster Fuller.

Review: This is an inspirational book, though heavy on the emphasis on higher education. The artscientists mentioned are involved with universities and have immersed themselves into their idea. They are committed people who have their basic needs met and have moved to the next level of exploration that require most of their time and energy. I want to be somewhat critical of innovators that neglect a sense of balance, but what I am is jealous that I don’t have an idea that captivating. This wasn’t so much as a great book, but an introduction to great people, the kind that think outside the realm of what’s accepted and normal.

Rating: 7 comprehensivists

Wine-pairing: A Beautiful Mind (DVD – 2002) The story of John Forbes Nash, Jr in a very cinematically pleasing format. I love how they depict mental processes visually by using technology, focusing the camera in some places, computer generated effects to highlight components otherwise unnoticeable by the average movie watcher. I enjoyed the scenes where he draws formulas on the windows. Art, science and madness are not that indistinguishable.

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