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Art and Science .By Strosberg, Eliane (Book – 2001)

Summary: A uniquely organized textbook-esque history of art and science, featuring (among others) Leonardo DaVinci, Albrecht Durer and Lois Pasteur.

Review: I know that the intersection between art and science has been studied forever, but not by me. I feel really inspired by the idea of art being a legitimate way to spend time. “Artists oriniate ideas, which when suffieciently inoocative, become a form of information.” P.30 This has been one of many books that I hope to read to flesh out the the interworkings of art and science. This book is a great starter for the conversation that takes place at the hub of artscience, though it covers a lot of obvious stuff like how important science was to the development of pottery or stained glass.

Rating: 7 models of the solar system inspired by music theory

Favorite part: “Certain forms of art may exhibit affinities to scientific disciplines.” P.17 I agree with some of these affinities, I like the idea of suggesting to an artist some scientific cross-training and vice-versa, but I don’t want a person to feel limited or think it’s wrong to put arts and sciences into categories. Be a renaissance man. Let your creative (not procreative) juices flow all over.

Science Art
Astronomy Music, architecture
Math Music
Psychology Painting
Physicist Stage director
Biology Writer, illustration
Geology pottery
Engineer Sculptor
Chemist decorator


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I am Katarina Countiss, a multimedia designer. I like blogs, games, art and technology. I am curious about how things are made.

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